Acquafilms was founded in 2005 by Iain Mc Glashan and Roddy Grimes-Graeme to service the yachting industry's need for quality and contemporary promotional and editorial films. Telling a story is the core of our approach and we bring a fresh, dynamic look to our productions.

While Iain has moved on to his own pursuits back in Canada, Acquafilms continues, based in Antigua during the winter and traveling worldwide during the summer. Our skill set and wide network of alliances mean that Acquafilms can provide custom solutions to any film request. Acquafilms has a long and growing client list in the Marine and yachting industry and in broadcast television.

 We invest money and time in technology and skills which allow us to creat extremely high quality footage with small crews. This gives us an almost unmatched ratio of quality vs. cost of production. Our skill at stabilising cameras on the water and in the air allows us to provide shots which bring huge production value to any film project. We can assemble our own production team or we can bring our skills to an existing team.

Our clients include : Perini Navi, Lurssen, DuBois, Spirit yachts, Oyster yachts, Boat International Media/Superyacht media, YCO, Edmiston, Camper & Nicholson, Panerai, Q&K media, SY Adela, SY Sojana, SY Leopard 3, SY Salute, SY Ganesha, SY Maltese Falcon, SY Lionheart, SY Windrose, MY Oasis, MY Blind Date, MY Bad Girl, MY Skat, MY Northern Star, MY Talisman Maiton, Canal +, CNN, BBC, Nautical Channel, Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, Antigua Sailing Week, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, RORC Caribbean 600 and more.