Promotional Films

Film is the most compelling way to present a yacht, period. Yachts for charter or sale must elicit an emotional reponse in prospective clients and a well made film is unbeatable in the regard. Combine our aesthetic values with the visual story telling of film and your clients will imagine themselves onboard before ever seeing the yacht.


Custom Films

A complete movie of your racing experience or special charter! For your own pleasure and posterity, for gifts to your guests or even for seeking sponsorship on future race campaigns. Some yachts are building their own library of Acquafilms movies!


Regatta / Event Films

We can shoot and provide same day or next day footage to be played in a hospitality area and then produce a highlights reel to be shown at the prizegiving. We can then produce a web trailer for your site and a full length regatta film for sale or for complimentary gifts to participants. Crowds will gather at the dailies and the audience will cheer at the highlights reel, guaranteed!


Still photography

With Roddy's experience as a commercial photographer, Acquafilms is uniquely placed to offer combined still and film shoots that minimize time taken and maximise the value of the shoot. Have a look at  to see what we can offer.


News / Editorial

We can cover events or stories according to your needs, do interviews that you request or simply provide you with an edited piece or with Video News Reel for you to make your own piece. This is becoming very popular with yachting websites.


Industry / Advertising

We do a lot of work for Yacht builders, sailmakers, marine architects and many other people in the industry. From completed movies to raw footage to be added to other projects we've met many demands over the years.


Safety / Introduction 

A great way to introduce guests to the vessel and familiarize them with its layout and a thourough and consistent way to brief on the safety features of the yacht.


Stock Footage

We have footage of many yachts, boatshows, other events and marine related subjects. Please email us if you are interested in some and we can work out the details.